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Prayer for Mother Earth

Prayer for Mother Earth

Mother, may I speak of your heart?

As one of your many daughters,

may I join my voice to the great song?

You have brought us forth on this bejeweled planet

from the marrow of your being,

nourished and sustained us,

enfolded us in the communion of Love,

enabled us to participate in the great symphony of creation.

What joy you offer this family of life --

to greet mornings with brilliant hibiscus
and sun-bright finches,

or scores of diligent earthworms who silently aerate your soils.

What delight to come upon bold fans of fungi

springing up from the forest floor in the dance of renewal,

or to watch soaring bats and feathery moths

as they leap and pirouette through an evening ballet.

What joy to feel your gentle breath ruffling ferns and grasses,

or the pounding of mighty wind-streams

that bring the rains and clean the air;

to be enchanted by giants of the sea as they breach and dive,

while tiny corals remind us there are worlds within worlds,

like the unseen currents undulating in sky and stone

nourishing your precious body.

Had I all of eternity I could make only brief note

of the miracles you bring forth each day.

So seldom have I told you,

so seldom given thanks, so seldom been attuned 

to the great gift of incarnation:

the precious opportunity to hold consciousness in a body,

upheld and sustained in the pulsing of your heart.

Only now, dear Mother, do we begin to understand

that we have taken all from you,

never realizing that you - like every other being -

need care, regeneration, and love.

Only now do we glimpse your intricate complexity

and grasp that we have the power

to surround you with discord or harmony.

Though I am small and unpracticed,
it is my privilege to serve you.

In wonder and gratitude, I join my voice
in unceasing hymns of praise.

I lend all of my energies to your purpose

              and send what strength I have directly to your heart.


This poem appears in The Love, published by The Oracle Institute.
        The Love is a wonderful anthology containing contributions from Maya Angelou, Desmond Tutu, Alex Grey, Aung San Suu Kyi, and many others. Available at:

   The Oracle Institute Press         



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