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In the space between heartbeats
   Creation dreams
    lifetimes of radiant beauty.

Before the Beginning

Before the beginning of all the stories we know -

all of the stories, young and old, that shape our lives,

there was Silence.

And Darkness, the queen of Silence,

fell in love with Spirit

and gave birth to the stars.

And the stars sang

hymns of joy and beauty -

ancient whirling songs, rising and falling,

winding and arcing,

spiraling through the cosmos,

dancing through the dimensions.

And the children of the Stars

were the heart of joy

spreading to the far corners of the universe

calling every soul to join the dance

and sing their light into being.

Welcome to my web site and the new home of Zen Mama Poetry.
Thanks for visiting.  

Let me say right off, I am not yet a Zen Mama;  
more like an "earnest mama;" or even at times,  
an "anxious mama." There are reasons for that. Really.
Yet life is calling me to make another choice; something simpler,
though not always easier. Slowly, truth is dawning.
The mind of Creation is a good bit bigger than my
little finite one can possibly fathom.  No matter the challenges
of my days, Creation has come up with the whole of
Life on this planet - Life that is astonishing, breathtaking,
and miraculous beyond description. 

So, join me, please, as I aspire to "Zen," to "Big Mind." 
Together, may we hear the song of Creation and join in. 
Let's sing our light into being.

Nighttime Lesson

In the crush of the evening
I open the door and walk out,
shedding a hundred tow-lines
of duty and obligation.
Swallowed by the darkness,
opened by the cold,
I sit at the foot of the night sky.

In the stillness, I hear
creaking oaks teach their young
to stretch up into the sun’s caress,
and the soft wash of curling waves
swaying in gravity’s embrace,
the whir and click of Earth’s vast loom
weaving the fibers of life.

Above, pulsing Sirius reminds me,
as she follows Orion’s endless hunt,
that spiraling galaxies will continue
their dark and splendorous symphonies
beyond all conception of time,
when I am once again
mere dust.

What solace to remember.
The Sun’s glorious crown will arc and flare,
Venus will swelter in its acid soup,
Jupiter’s great tempest will rage
and Saturn’s cold rings will glow
for a hundred million years,
whether I am foolish or wise.

What blessing to be put in place,
like a wren or a blade of grass,
in the dream of this small, bejeweled planet.
To rest in the arms of the great Immensity
is grace of the highest order.
I am overcome with relief.

          This poem is taken from my first collection,  Poems from the Labyrinth,
          available at in
both hardcover and ebook.

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